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American Elk Needlepoint Pillow


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This beautiful handmade needlepoint pillow is made from 100% wool with a cotton velvet zippered back. The pillow features a removable insert. It is licensed by The National Audubon Society. A pair of Elks in the foreground of a prairie scene, with a group of small figures in the distance; it gives but a faint idea of this animal in its wild and glorious prairie home. The Elk is of an elegant, stately and majestic form, and the whole animal is in admirable proportion. It bears so strong a resemblance to the red deer of Europe, that it was for a long time regarded as a mere variety of the same species. It is, however, much larger in size, and on closer examination differs from it in many particulars. The pillow measures 16" X 20". Click on image for greater detail.