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Ben Wood Set of 10 Framed J Class World Yachts


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Some people fall into their passions, others spend their whole lives trying to find them, while a select few, like English born photographer Ben Wood are born into them. Wood started his career at the age of twenty-one, after learning from both his grandfather and great-grandfather, who ran photo studios on Baker Street in London. He took what his elders instilled in him and stretched them to the limits, striving to always capture those fleeting moments many pass over. Wood is known for taking huge risks to get the perfect shot; he once photographed from a yacht during a force six gale. The Well Appointed House is please to present Ben Wood’s photography to our collection of wall art and prints.

Enjoy this set of ten framed sepia prints of various world yachts snapped by world renowned photographer Ben Wood. Each print is artfully framed upon order in a mahogany and gold frame, which measures 30"W X 34"L and brings out the beautiful sepia coloring. Click on images for greater detail. These are made in England and this is a special order item which cannot be returned.