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Questions? Call us: 1-888-WELL-APP

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Fault Line Lapis Print Dye Decorative Pillow

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It's the little things that embellish a life of comfort. The Print Dye Fault Line Pillow takes its inspiration from the colors and patterns of the mineral kingdom. Each pillow is custom made and individually dyed; no two pillows are exactly alike. Creating an air of divinity, Lapis is a color associated with Saints and Royalty. Sophisticated it radiates confidence and can be a considered color of Authority. The pillow is made with 100% environmentally friendly linen. The poetry of the pattern is in the process color shading to add individual charm to each piece. The pillow features a zipper closure and includes a 10/90 feather down insert. It measures 22" X 22". Please note this item is custom made in the USA and may not be returned. The production time for this item is approximately 4 weeks. Click on images for greater detail.

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