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Ask Question About Manchester Vinyl Cupola-Available in Various Sizes

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Manchester Vinyl Cupola-Available in Various Sizes

More substantial than other PVC or PVC-coated products, this Vinyl Cupola is constructed from solid vinyl plank and board, which makes them maintenance-free and able to resist the elements. Consider adding a weathervane atop your cupola for a perfect way to crown your home. The cupola is available in a variety of sizes, 18” Sq X 22”H, 22” Sq X 27”H, 26” Sq X 32”H, 30” Sq X 40”H, 36” Sq X 46”H, 42” Sq X 54”H, 48” Sq X 64”H, 54” Sq X 72”H, 60” Sq X 80”H, 72” Sq X 97”H or 84” Sq X 113”H. Please select the size from the drop down menu. Click on image for greater detail. 

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