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Modern Owls-The Seasons Limited Edition Paintings


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Hand-painted on 100% reclaimed canvas, this bright mod tree is super cute. Perched on a branch is an owl looking bright-eyed and curious. Features modern design and rich color that can fit in a number of different decors. Pick your favorite season or collect all four and group together on a wall. A great way to start teaching your little ones the four seasons. The canvas is made out of 100% reclaimed materials and gallery wrapped. It's an original that was hand painted by a talented artist and illustrator with acrylic and watercolor paint. Each original hand painted piece and is a limited edition with only 250 being made. It is signed and numbered by the artist and sealed with a non-yellowing non-toxic low VOC UV sealer. Comes ready to hang with a saw tooth hanger. The artwork comes in a clear plastic bag, wrapped in sturdy brown craft paper for protection, and is then carefully placed into a box with added paper to protect the corners; all shipping materials are recyclable, excluding plastic bag. Each one measures 12" X 12" X 1.5"D. The Orange Tree is Fall, the Green Tree is Spring, the Yellow Tree is Summer and the Blue Tree is Winter. Please select the season from the drop down menu. Click on images for greater detail.

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