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Oomph Cambridge III Chandelier-Available in 16 Different Colors

Oomphs version of the Armillary Sphere. The Armillary traditionally is a model of objects in the sky the sun, earth, starts and showing longitudes and latitudes of important celestial bodies. What a better inspiration for a light than this ancient sphere. The epitome of traditional with a twist, Cambridge III is an elegantly crafted sphere of three perfect and painted brass bands pierced by an arrow (historically to represent the Poles). A three-armed candelabra hangs at the center of this light. Each is custom made to your color specifications and finish (brass or nickel brass shown here). The chandelier is for indoor use only. It measures 15" in diameter. The chandelier is available in 16 highly lacquered colors. Please choose the color from the drop down menu. Please note this item is custom made in the USA and may not be returned. Please refer to our return policy on custom items. The production time for this item is approximately 6-8 weeks. Click on images for greater detail.

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