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SAVE 15% ON ORDERS OVER $250! Sale Ends Soon (*Exclusions Apply -  be sure to read below for details)!

ALSO SHOP OUR BARGAIN BASEMENT - 25% - 50% off and more as we clear out summer inventory from Greenwich (Click Here for the Bargain Basement) **15% OFF Coupon is NOT eligible on items in the Sidewalk Sale or Bargain Basement, place a separate order and do not use coupon code on those items.

Save 15%  - Coupon Code is "15Over250" - Coupon is Case Sensitive -  *Usage of our coupon code implies acceptance of the terms outlined here on our website, as this coupon code is not posted anywhere else.  Terms listed anywhere but on our corporate website do not apply.*

-The 15% off does not apply to items that already have a "Special Price Marked" (you can evaluate if 15% off the original price is a better deal and call us if it is and we can adjust)
-The 15% off cannot be used on other items on the website, if you are ordering other items, please place a separate order for those items.
-It does not apply to any Bargain Basement or Sidewalk Sale items.
-Our system will only accept one promotion.  If an item is marked for FREE SHIPPING, you can either have the 15% off or the Free Shipping, but not both.  If you would prefer the 15% off, you can email us or call 203-987-5682 and request customer service to have the price adjusted to the lowest price and we will charge you the shipping cost.
-Coupons may not be applied to shipping costs, only to products.
-It does not retroactively apply to any previous orders placed on the website. Please do not ask to request this.
-Designers do not get an additional discount beyond what they already get through our trade program.
*Our sales never apply to AFK Furniture, Regina Andrew, Chelsea Textiles, Newport Cottages, Kingsley Bate, Coleen and Company, Coral Door, select artwork (Items with the prefix item code AES- or TWAH-AES), certain decoupage lamps that are shipped from Europe and custom made playhouses or treehouses

IF ITEMS ARE BACKORDERED and you would still like to pre-order and enjoy the discount, go ahead and do that and we will ship the items when they are back in stock!  This holds your place in line.  We can not secure a place in line for backordered items if your order is not in. 


Thank you for shopping with us! Please contact us with any questions at [email protected]


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