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Set of 30 Personalized Soaps


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This lovely soap set features a total of 30 custom carved bars. There are 5 sets of 6 boxed bars. The soaps are 100% vegetable based, triple-milled for luxurious lather. This is the freshest personalized soap in the marketplace. The soaps can be personalized with an initial, monogram, name or phrase. The soaps can have up to 36 characters, no more than 12 characters per line. If personalizing with more than one line, please use a dash (-) to separate the lines. Please enter the initial, monogram or text EXACTLY as you would like it to appear. Please note this item is custom made to order and may not be returned. Click on images for greater detail. The soaps are available in 1 of the following scents/color. Please choose the soap from the drop down menu.

WILD BLUE LUPIN: This rare, romantic blue captures the essence of the beloved Wild Blue Lupin flower. A soft, enjoyable floral experience. Wild Blue Lupin is known to improve concentration & clarity. Discover why flowers reach for the sun and blossom.

GREEN TEA & BERGAMOT: In Spring Green, Green Tea is known to promote healing, Bergamot is stimulating & rejuvenating.

LAVENDER: Rejuvenate, relax & calm your soul with this heavenly scent. True lavender connoisseurs appreciate this timeless favorite. Time to rejuvenate is priceless & you are worthy.

VERBENA: Awakening, motivating & harmonious fresh lemon scent in a bright snow white. Awaken your senses, relax your mind, uplift and soothe your soul. Each day is a fresh start - start something now.

SATSUMA: A soft, sensual pink infused with Satsuma is just exquisite. This light, zesty orange lifts your spirits & heals your soul. When you become!

AQUA MINERAL: Carved Solution’s original formula and an all-time favorite. This water-based fragrance (Just gentle & clean. The industries only... safe for sensitive skin & noses) is perfect for every recipient. Its antique white color is always in style.  

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