Aqua Nautilus Shell Framed Wall Art

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Processing Time: 6-8 Weeks. Transit Time: 3-5 Business Days.


This stunning specimen of a Nautilus shell has a Mother of Pearl appearance of wonderful tones ranging from deep aqua to pinkish hues. The fine detail is brought to life with a powerful camera lens and bright lighting. The species represents some of the world's oldest surviving fossils with prehistoric roots. This item is available framed in 51" x 43"; 42" x 35"; 32" x 28"; 25" x 21". Please make your size selection below. This item is custom made and framed to order and may not be returned. Cancellations are only accepted within 24 hours of ordering, because the piece goes into production. Click images for greater detail.

This item is custom made to order and goes into production once your order is received. It may not be returned.

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