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Child's Playhouse

Meticulously designed works or art, each of our playhouses is designed to enhance any home's exterior and provide a whimsical and interactive environment for children to play. Each playhouse is custom designed to appeal to your taste. Any look - from a fairy tale cottage to a miniature replica of your own home can be created. These luxury playhouses even include basic amenities such as water and indoor/outdoor lighting. Designs range from cozy cottages to rugged forts and tree houses. The designer, Alan Mowrer, hand crafts each house and includes details such as hardwood floors, bay windows and wooden shutters. As an added safety feature, the design team can install a wireless communication hook-up with the main house. Ceiling heights average eight feet, allowing adults to stand comfortably inside - yet retaining a charming scale and appeal. Principles of good design are utilized and applied on a scaled-down version. The Summer Cottage features a cedar shingle roof, octagonal window, a front porch with turned wood spindle rails, screened door, bay windows with charming window boxes and Victorian accents allowing plenty of space for hanging plants. This playhouse is sure to delight your child. Good taste should begin early! Architectural spaces such as a sitting room and upstairs bedroom create the feel of a real house. Child sized kitchen and porch complete with playhouse furniture can be created. The playhouse will be custom built on-site at your home, anywhere in the United States. Creation of playhouse typically takes 10-12 weeks. Please consult our policy on custom items before placing your order.