Large Clear Double Dog Bowl Feeder with Silver Bowls - 1Quart

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Our Large Clear Double Dog Bowl Feeder with Silver Bowls is a modern 3/8" thick lucite feeding stand with lead free, stainless steel metal bowls. The raised acrylic feeder provides an ergonomically correct eating position and gives the sleek metal bowls a floating effect.

With a gentle waterfall design, this clear lucite pet feeder is sturdy and modern. Handmade in the USA, this is our best selling clear acrylic pet bowl feeder.

Bowl size: 1 quart/4 cups 
Thick, sturdy 3/8" thick clear acrylic
Set includes 2 lead free, stainless steel bowls and acrylic stand
Bowls are dishwasher safe, acrylic stand hand wash only

Stand Dimensions:
1 Quart bowls: 16"w x 8"d x 5"h  (weight 7 lbs)

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