Curved Regency Outdoor Garden Bench - Available in a Variety of Colors

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Curved Regency Outdoor Garden Bench. Width 72" x Depth 33" x Height 42", SH 17, Seat 72W x 20D. Available in iron or galvanized iron; please select your material and color from the drop-down menus below. Please note this item is custom made to order and is not eligible for return. The lead time is approximately 6-8 weeks. This item ships via motor freight.

Wrought Iron

The primary advantages of wrought iron furniture are cost and durability. Wrought iron furniture is generally less costly and stronger than aluminum furniture. Wrought iron furniture is much less vulnerable to bending and denting than aluminum furniture. It is also heavier than aluminum and does not blow around as easily as aluminum furniture in areas that are prone to high winds. It does however rust.

For maximum protection, we recommend that you cover your furniture when it rains or is not in use for extended periods of time. Otherwise, make sure to clean off dirt and debris after heavy rains and dry out the furniture thoroughly. We also recommend waxing your furniture at the end of the season and before storage. A couple times during the summer is a good idea as well.

A mild detergent and water can be used to clean painted metal furniture. Be sure to check all joints and seams for dirt. You can clean out these spaces with a soft brush, water, and soap. Dirt can cause the paint to deteriorate and expose the metal to rusting. Make sure the furniture dries completely after you clean it, especially before storing. This will help to prevent rust damage.

When handling or moving wrought iron furniture, avoid scratching the paint or hitting painted metal furniture against hard surfaces. This can chip the paint which will eventually create problems with rust. In the winter, we recommend that you store your metal furniture indoors. Wrought iron furniture should always be inspected for damage when you take it out of storage. Remember that rusted metal furniture can stain surfaces such as wooden decks, concrete slab, tile or stone work.

Regular attention is required to prevent rust, especially at welded joints. If paint is peeling or reddish rust stains appear, sand problem area down to bare metal. prime, and then coat with touch up paint. Once the paint is dry, you can finish the touch up with a coat of wax. Please call us if you need to order touch up paint. For furniture with designs that are complex or ornate, you can use a pressure wash to clean the furniture and a spray wax once it's clean and dry.

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