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  1. Raspberry Orchid in a White Ceramic Vase
  2. Lavender Faux Anemone Arrangement in Ceramic Vase
  3. Lavender & White Anemone & Snowball Faux Arrangement in Glass Vase
  4. Set of 2 Faux Lavender Anemone Arrangements in Ceramic Vases
  5. Faux Blue & Purple Hyacinth in Blue & White Ceramic Pot
  6. Faux Lilac Bouquet in Glass Vase
  7. 16.5" Faux Violet Hyacinth Floral Drop-in
  8. 19" Faux French Lavender in Trough
  9. Large Lavender Faux Floral in a Blue and White Porcelain Footbath
  10. Barclay Butera 26.5’’ Hydrangea Faux Flower Arrangement in Clear Vase
  11. Purple Lavender Faux Anemone in Glass Bubble Container
  12. only
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    Vibrant Purple Artificial Anemone Blooms and Buds Arrangement
  13. Purple Anemone Arrangement in Cylinder Glass Vase
  14. Purple Hyacinth Arrangement in Glass Cylinder Vase
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