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Deluxe Monkey Mansion Treehouse

The Deluxe Monkey Mansion is the perfect playhouse for your active children. It has everything that the Monkey Mansion Treehouse (sold separately) has, with some 'extras'! That includes an oversized log, oversized club house, additional rear stair case and extra swing. The Deluxe Monkey Mansion has a balcony and 7' turbo slide. Kids like swings, so the Monkey Mansion has a tire swing under the balcony and a rear swing off the log. There is also a set of monkey bars, a quintessential favorite among the little ones! To finish off this amazing play house, there is a log window, roof dormer and a rust accessories package. This all creates the perfect tree house for all the monkeys in your life! Measures 27W x 116"D x 15'2"H. The treehouse ships from California. If shipped within the US, shipping rates vary from $500-$3300 in most cases. We can ship to most overseas ports for $3500-$4500. Shipping costs will be calculated after we receive your order. The entire installation site will need to be level and prepared with a small concrete pad prior to your tree house's arrival. The concrete pad should have standard rebar reinforcement to prevent cracking and the top of the pad should be 1" above grade. Your treehouse will need to be installed using a forklift or crane, so you will need to hire a local professional to do this. Very detailed and comprehensive installation instructions will be sent to you upon order. Double click images for greater detail. This is a custom made to order item. Please consult our policy on custom items prior to placing your order. Please note that upgrades can be added to the treehouse for additional charges. Contact us for details.

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