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Frequently Asked Questions

My Order

Q When do you usually send an order confirmation?
Q What’s you Return Policy?
Q I returned an item. When can I expect to see the refund back to my credit card?
Q Can I cancel my order?
Q Do you give corporate discounts?
Q Can I place a phone order?
Q Are your products always in stock?
Q Can you wrap gifts?
Q Is it possible to get coupons for The Well Appointed House?
Q I am a designer, can I order through your website and receive a discount?
Q Do you charge sales tax?


Q What kind of shipping do you have?
Q What is the usual delivery time?

Our Privacy

Q Is ordering secured?
Q Do you distribute or publish mailing or email address?
Q Is it safe for me to purchase on-line?


Q What kind of cards do you accept?
Q Will you accept a personal check or money order?

Other Questions

Q Where are all your photos from?
Q Do you have a catalog?
Q Can you order designer fabrics and wallpaper for me?
Q Does The Well Appointed House Have an Affiliate Program?
Q I am working with a local organization in my community and would like to solicit a donation from The Well Appointed House. Can you please donate to my cause?