Gabrielle 100% Cotton Luxury Modern Bath Towels - Available in Many Sizes and Colors - Can be Monogrammed

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Perfect for the modern family, these towels are fluffy, thick and super soft. The towel is made of long staple cotton that has a zero twist. This zero twist technology keeps its long loops from twisting giving Chelsea its hefty hand that's light as a feather and fast to dry. The towel is available in a wash cloth (12" X 12"), hand towel (16'' X 30''), and bath towel (30" X 54"), and bath sheet ( 35'' X 60'').  The towel also comes in variety colors. Please choose the towel sizes, color, and monogram style from the drop down menus. The towels could be machine washed. Please note this item is made to order and may not be returned. Click on images for greater detail.

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