Gray Malin "The Capri" Tote Bag

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Featuring Gray’s best-selling fine art photography that evokes serious wanderlust, our canvas tote bag is the perfect beach, travel, or daily accessory for your everyday getaway. With a 10" drop-strap, this tote can comfortably be worn over the shoulder and features a navy nylon interior, storage pocket, and genuine brown leather handles. Dimensions: 19” x 17" x 5.25. Click images for more detail.

Take a glimpse into a luxurious life in a quaint seaside village with LA FONTELINA UMBRELLAS, CAPRI of the popular La Dolce Vita series. This stunning shot of the coastline in Capri captures the iconic striped umbrellas that seem to have withstood time since the glamorous mid-century Italian Riviera. Gray documented and created this series during his travels through Italy.

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