Tall Clear Double Dog Bowl Feeder with Silver Bowls

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Our Tall Clear Double Dog Bowl Feeder with Silver Bowls is a chic choice for large dog dining. The 1/2" thick acrylic provides the strength, while the 12" height ensures an ergonomically correct eating position for your large pet. 

This tall lucite dog bowl feeder includes lead free, 2 quart, stainless steels bowls. Clearly, this is the best looking, lucite tall pet feeder on the market and is made in the USA, under our watchful eye. 

Set includes tall acrylic stand and 2 lead free, stainless steel bowls
Bowl capacity: 2 quart each/8 cups
1/2" thick sturdy acrylic
Bowls are dishwasher safe, acrylic stand hand wash only

Stand dimensions:  22"w x 9"d x 11"h
Weight 11 lbs.

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