Medium Brown and White Horse Ride On Pony Toy For Kids

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It's off to the races with this realistic Pony Ride On! Kids just move up and down with their feet on the pedals to ride this unique pony. There's no need for batteries or power: just rise and fall in the saddle to move the pony's legs and head forward, creating a galloping motion that propels the Pony forward. Use the handles on either side of the head to guide the pony in the right direction. The Pony Cycle is a fun new way to improve balance and co-ordination and get kids active. Wooden handles provide the rider with extra stability and security, as well as adding a traditional feel to a revolutionary horse. The Pony Ride On features a faux leather seat and a faux leather harness. High quality plush fabrics in brown with white markings give this ride on a soft and comfortable finish. The mane and tail are brushable, so kids can groom and care for the pony during imaginative play. The 4 easy-glide wheels make the Pony Ride On suitable for both indoor and outdoor use on flat ground. You can race ahead of the stationary rocking horses with Pony Cycle. Weight capacity: 88lbs. Suggested age: 4 to 9 years. This pony makes a fabulous Christmas or birthday gift for little boys or girls! Click on images for greater detail.

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