Medium Clear View Dog Crate to Gate

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Meet the revolutionary Clear Acrylic Dog Crate to Gate, a 3 in 1 clear lucite pet crate that is also a modern lucite side table and a clear acrylic, freestanding pet gate! This totally clear dog crate gives your dog a clear view without unfriendly metal or plastic bars and is calming for the dog, not to mention for you. Smoothly polished, horizontal air openings on all 4 sides allow perfect air circulation. The 2 metal latches provide security and style. 

-Modern, Lucite Side Table. Designed with a solid, clear lucite top, you can use it as a side table, next to your couch, chair or bed.

-Freestanding Pet Gate. The removable, clear walls are made up of hinged wall panels. When removed, the walls can be used as a freestanding pet zig zag gate that can cover openings up to 8 feet.

-How to Use. Place tray no 1 on the floor, stand the hinged clear walls in the tray slats and place tray no 2 on top. Now you have a sturdy, clear pet crate. To use it as a freestanding pet gate, remove the crate top and bottom, take your 2 hinged walls and zig zag them across your doorway or opening. A clear clip holds the 2 zig zag walls together.

-Easy Storage. For easy transport or storage, disassemble the crate and place the wall panels inside your top and bottom trays.

Set includes: top tray, bottom tray, 2 hinged walls, slide on corner hinges and 2 clips. 

Does not include the pet cushion but fits standard medium crate cushions.

Assembled Crate: 25"w x 38"d x 28"h
Crate disassembled: 25"w x 38"d x 4"h
Zig Zag Gate: 96"w x 28"h x .25"d

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