Modern History Two Drawer Concave Burl Cabinet

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This lovely cabinet features two drawers and a graceful concave shape. The piece measures 26"W x 19.75" x 32"H. Click on images for greater detail.

This piece of furniture is classic, timeless and well-styled. The piece is hand-crafted in small quantities. The quality of manufacture, finish, proportion and attention to detail are reminiscent of generations past when anything less would not be tolerated. When you invest in this piece of furniture you not only get exceptional quality and value but also a product backed by a second generation family tradition of supplying furniture of the highest standards. This piece of furniture will define your home environment and help you create a sanctuary to escape from the stresses of everyday life.

Please note this item is custom made to order and is not eligible for return. If stock is not available, please allow a lead time of 4-5 months. Please contact Customer Service for availability.

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