Natural Changing Basket

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This basket is woven to perfection and a perfect addition to your nursery. Dress up your changing table with this handcrafted changing basket. The basket comes with a covered foam pad, liner and sheet. These baskets have been tested by a US CPSC labratory for safety. All baskets are flame retardant, lead and pesticide free. Click images for greater detail.

Dimensions: 29"L x 16"W x 3"H

*A note about quality and construction: these handmade items are made from elephant grass, sisal grass, wicker or paper rope in West Africa. Elephant grass is hand dyed and hand woven. Due to the handmade nature of the basket, variations can occur. They are not meant to be “perfect” by nature. Due to the nature of the baskets, pieces of grass may stick out (especially near the handles after use). These pieces can be trimmed closely with scissors. This is a natural product so don’t leave it in a damp or wet area. Dyes are natural and colors can vary slightly. We cannot guarantee specific tones of colors, they may vary from photographic images. Natural baskets are left their natural dried grass color and we cannot control the hue. By purchasing you agree and accept the natural construction and variation.

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