Navy Blue Outdoor Pillow with White Tape Trim Detail

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This lovely pillow is made entirely in the USA. Each small detail of the pillow is cut and stitched by hand by skilled artisans in the Atlanta area. Using local talent allows for more creativity in the design process - the unique designs don't get 'lost in translation'. Local production also allows for a greater level of quality control and faster turnaround times. The timeline from idea conception to getting beautiful product on retailer's shelves is much quicker than if produced overseas. This pillow features a navy background with white tape detail. It measures 20" X 20" and comes with a polyfill insert and rust proof zipper closure. The pillow is UV protected, fade-resistant, weather-resistant, stain, and mildew resistant, and can be Hand Washed Cold and Air Dried. This pillow is from Lacefield Designs. Click on image for greater detail.

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