Navy Straight Leg ECO Luggage Rack with 4 White and Navy Greek Key Straps

Product ID:64470

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Suitcases and garment bags get rolled around airports and streets covered with dirt and germs. Encourage your guests to keep these dirty surfaces off of your duvets and upholstered furniture with this elegant and extremely durable luggage rack. This luggage rack features a simple and elegant straight leg, which provides style, convenience and versatility to any room. The rack utilizes a signature center spindle, which is designed for extra stability and durability while hiding all visible hardware. It opens and folds easily for compact storage and use. The rack is sourced from domestic hardwoods with 4 white and navy greek key straps. Additionally, it is made in the US, measures 23” x 13” x 20” and weighs 6 pounds. Click on image for greater detail.

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