Terms & Conditions


The Well Appointed House, LLC does not store credit card information or share customer data with any third party companies.  


Complete ordering, payment, shipping, delivery and returns information can be viewed by clicking on the Customer Service link on the bottom gray footer of this page. Gift cards can be ordered by contacting us. 


Warranties vary by vendor.  If you have a question about product warranty, please contact us for details.


The names and logos for The Well Appointed House, Luxuries for the Home, and The Well Appointed Home are protected by the United States Patent and Trademark Office and may not be used without permission. This includes all aspect of our logo and the words Hortus, Domus and Familia. This brand has been run and used in commerce since 2001 via www.wellappointedhouse.com, www.thewellappointedhouse.com and www.wellappointedhome.com. Affiliates who are accepted into our affiliate program through Ebay Enterprise (formerly PepperJam) and bloggers promoting our products may use images and information per the terms of our program.  Any photos used must be credited and linked back to our website.