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The Coral Gardener Limited Edition Wall Art Print

We are pleased to be offering this giclee print of the original. This print is from a series of prints, "The Flower Ladies". They are based on a series of whimsical watercolor and gouache paintings and are fantasies based on fashion design. The prints incorporate design elements from the decorative arts and are inspired by the fanciful Chinoiserie designs of the 18th century Frenchman, Jean Pillement. This giclee, The Coral Gardener, measures 13-3/4 x 19-1/4 (image size) and comes unframed. With the border, it measures 15-3/4" x 21-1/4". Giclee prints have rapidly become a major presence in the world of fine art printing, joining the ranks of limited edition lithography and serigraphy. Of these three printing methods, the giclee process has gained considerable popularity very rapidly for two significant reasons. First, the giclee process can replicate work in either water base or oil mediums on such a wide variety of paper and canvas, and with such subtlety, that it often becomes almost impossible to distinguish the print from the original. Second, the nature of giclee printing allows artists to print as little as one print at a time, unlike either lithography or serigraphy, making it an economically accessible process to many artists, who would otherwise be unable to reproduce their work. At the same time, that economic benefit can be directly passed on to the buyer of a giclee. The appearance of a giclee print in terms of depth, color and texture cannot be surpassed by either lithography or serigraphy, if in fact it can be equaled. This giclee was printed with a particular concern to conform to the highest possible standards available. It was printed on an Iris ink jet printer, widely considered by professional printers to produce the best giclee prints. For the purpose of printing giclees, the Iris printer is the most expensive equipment of its kind in the industry. This work of art has been individually inspected, signed and numbered by the artist, and includes a dated and signed certificate of authenticity. It was produced on 285 gram Hahnemuhle inkjet watercolor paper, which is 100% acid free, with lysonic inks. The texture of the paper very closely resembles the watercolor paper on which the original was painted, and is bright white to maximize the saturation and clarity of the colors. It has been sprayed with an archival acrylic coating, which helps to protect the print, and serves as a UV inhibitor. Accelerated tests have indicated that these giclees will last 28 to 32 years before any fading might be detected, if handled properly. This type of longevity compares very favorably with that of original work on paper in a variety of other mediums, and certainly with most other printing methods. This giclee print is shipped flat. It is first placed in an acid-free archival polyester bag, which can be used for safe storage until the work is framed. The artwork is then laid between two rigid panels of a high density compressed wood fiber, (hardboard), which assures maximum protection against damage by either bending or puncture, and is then placed inside a heavy weight cardboard mailer, which provides added protection. 200 Limited Edition Prints. Click on image for greater detail.