Those of you who are regular readers of this blog know that I am a mother of three children.  This year they are in Pre-K, 1st and 2nd grades. As any mother can tell you, one of the most frustrating things we mothers experience is doing the shopping for all of the things children at this age need and constantly seeing them disappear!  Poof!  They vanish!  I send my children to school with shoes, jackets, hair bows, sweaters,  fleeces, water bottles and other things that routinely just vanish!  If I am lucky, they end up in a giant, overflowing "Lost and Found" bin in the lobby of school, but that's just the best case scenario.  Usually, they end up in some other child's school bag never to see the light of day in my house again.  After trying Mabels Labels last school year, , I noticed a vast improvement in our lost and found dilemmas.  I have since become a huge fan and just placed another order of new labels for this school year.

We all know how much we spend on kids clothing, shoes, backpacks, dance shoes, ice skates, hockey items, soccer balls and more -- and it's so easy to go online and order some custom labels with your kids names that will prevent loss.  I ordered three Back to School combo packs last year that lasted most of the school year.  I actually keep them in our mudroom and am constantly grabbing stickers to slap on my kids items as they are running out the door.  Favorite sweaters are now coming home!  When left at a friend's house, I get a call instead of never seeing the item again!
If your child is not in a nut-free school and has a nut or food allergy, you can avoid scary lunch box mixups by properly labeling your child's lunch bag.

They are great for sports equipment and baby bottles when sending your child off to daycare.  They can go on tupperware, thermoses and more.

Mabels Labels also make fun loot bag gifts for birthday parties!  Give mini labels away as gifts!  If you've had enough of Oriental Trading gift bag items, try this fun idea!

Their stickers are dishwasher safe, microwave safe and waterproof!  They are huge time savers!  Try them, keep them in your mudroom and post a comment on what you think and if you see an improvement in your child's lost items!  I highly recommend these!  Check them out at  ~Melissa Hawks