Happy Easter Everyone! (And Happy Passover as well to anyone celebrating!). These are very difficult times we are all living through. The days are long! Like most of you, we have been quarantined at home as a family for the past month. We have been doing a lot of walks, bike rides and yet more walks. Spring is slowly arriving to Greenwich, the grass is slowly greening up a bit and we are getting some warmer days (thank goodness). I've been spending a lot of time outside and here are some photos at my house and on my property that I posted to my instagram this week - follow along if you don't already. As I wrote on instagram, my house was built in 1912 and has survived WWI, the prosperity that followed, the Great Depression, WWII, Civil Rights and so much more of our country's history. I am so optimistic that we will make it through the coronavirus pandemic and come out of this on the other side and hopefully better for it in the end. Sometimes it's important to remember that things like houses and material things will outlive us all and what's important is time with our loved ones. The things we buy for our homes will be here long after we are and it's the memories we create that are the most important. It's ironic, as I am someone who over the last 19 years built a business selling home decor, and while your surroundings bring serenity to a home and enhance family life, it's important to always remember that family relationships and the ties that bind us are always the most important and things we should value. With that said, I made up my mind this week to get myself together (pull myself out of the "Coronavirus Depression" - how can we not all be sad and anxious about what's happening all around us) and plan for Easter with my immediate family. Though we can't celebrate with extended family, or leave the house, I knew that having a memorable holiday together this year is as important as ever so I set the table. Thank goodness for our UPS and FedEx guys. On Monday I ordered a few inexpensive Easter accents from QVC (yes! QVC) and some new table linens. Rather than fresh flowers this year I used a silk floral arrangement I've had for years as a centerpiece. I pulled out some of my girls Tiffany & Co keepsakes - their bunny banks and limoge boxes which were gathering dust and had been a bit forgotten for added charm and whimsy.

For details on the Easter Egg topiary, the lambs, the table linens and the china click through the look book here:

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We plan to have an Easter egg hunt, a family bike ride and to Zoom with family tomorrow! I hope you enjoy your Easter celebration.

One of my favorite books as a young girls was The Velveteen Rabbit. It's a cute story and perfect for Easter if you'd like to share it with little ones at home, here's a great version of it as told by Meryl Streep.

Another favorite story of mine is The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes. This one I used to read to my kids as well. Here's a narrated version your kids might enjoy:

Happy Easter!