Spring break is in about a week for a lot of people in my area, and with the Coronavirus causing anxiety everywhere I'm wondering how many people will embark on their travels.  We are considering cancelling our trip.  With Spring Break on my mind, I thought I would post on my Spring Break travels from last year (2019).  I started this post and got busy and it was saved to "Drafts" for the past year!  So last March, following my travels to Harbor Island (click to view that post), I flew to Nassau and stayed at the Rosewood Baha Mar for seven days.  As of last year, it was Nassau's newest hotel and the week we were there, the hotel seemed to be a bit inundated and service was spotty because they seemed overwhelmed with guests.  I am curious how it will be this year for Spring Break, so if you are visiting Rosewood, post your comments and reviews here for our readers.  The accommodations and the hotel itself were well done and luxurious.  The hotel was the newest addition to the Baha Mar (which also includes the SLS and Hyatt hotels) and in true Rosewood fashion had plenty of amenities.   One complaint I had was the proximity of the casino to the Rosewood lobby and the smoky smell that would flow in.   Highlights included the connected pools and short walk to the beach area with plenty to do with kids in the entire Baha Mar property- with so many pools to enjoy (including one at the Hyatt that gives kids a sneak peak of the Sanctuary aquarium) and the Sanctuary itself which allows kids to get up close and personal with sharks, sting rays and turtles.  One thing we enjoyed was that if you stay at the Rosewood, you can access all of the other resort pools and that isn't the case for guests staying in the other hotels.    

Image result for baha mar pier

Here are some photos I took inside of our suite:

It's fun while you are there to walk the property and visit the other pools to mix it up each day-- there is also a really nice pier that you can walk out on to look at fish and the beach area.  They also have adorable food shacks and food trucks parked along the beach area so there are tons of food options if you don't want to wait for poolside service, which we found to be incredibly slow (especially during the packed Spring Break week). However the food shacks will included fish tacos and poke bowls hit the spot on days where we wanted to walk around. 

They also have simple marine life experiences you can do with your kids at the Sanctuary like feeding the turtles and interacting with nurse sharks.  I recommend you sign up for that when you arrive to ensure that you get a time as it gets busy over break:

My parents were with us on the trip and we rented a catamaran to take us snorkeling in the area- we went by Sandy Cay, which is island you see as the backdrop shot for the original Gilligan's Island series. We also went to Rose's Island and Greens Island for snorkeling with turtles which was great. We saw so many turtles and my kids had their GoPros in hand for great videos. Unfortunately, two months after we were there snorkeling as a family in the same areas, 21-year-old Jordan Lindsey was killed by tiger sharks. That was a heart wrenching story. We had become a bit too complacent and carefree with our snorkeling adventures, so I think moving forward we will be much more careful about where we go and take the kids. To be honest, that story has scared me off from snorkeling as a family....

My mom with my kids and husband relaxing on the catamaran

We ventured over to Lyford Cay Club:

And we spent time at The Albany:

I also recommend venturing over to the The Ocean Club Bamahas, which we've stayed at many time and love. They have a great restaurant called Dune. If you haven't been, check it out:

If you go, ask to sit outside on the water:
My girls dining with me outside at Dune Restaurant

If you end up at the Baha Mar or have visited, post your comments below!