One of the highlights of the 2013 Garden Tour, for which The Well Appointed House was a sponsor, was the Landman residence  off Lake Avenue in Greenwich, CT.  The main house of the residence was constructed from 1937-42.  The property is comprised of 15 spectacularly manicured acres, all deer fenced and completely irrigated with town and well water.  The gardens were constructed by and are maintained by Larry Labriola Landscaping. The number of gardeners varies at any given time -- up to 18 (wow!).  There are two full time gardeners from May to October just for weeding!  Charles Stick is the landscape architect.  Hilton-VanderHorn was the architect for a wing on the main house and for the barn.  Alan Gorkin is the property's horticulturist.  Pets in residence include four ShihTzus (who were playing by the main pool area during the garden tour), five cats and one Black Russian Terrier.
The highlights of touring this house are too great to list in a blog post.  I have included here just a portion of the photographs I took as I walked the property.  Some friends met Fred Landman, who was present and chatting with people visiting his grounds -- but I was so entranced by his gardens, that I didn't make his acquaintance.  He was the former President and CEO of PamAmSat, a global commercial satellite company.  As I started the tour, I visited a beautiful "small flower garden" and upper potager.  The main house is gorgeous -- a typical Southern-inspired brick manor home.  It came as no surprise that the landscape architect hired by Landman, Charles Stick, is based in Charlottesville.  Those of you who follow the blog know that my last house, which I built with my husband, was a beautiful brick Georgian home with columns, inspired by my Southern upbringing in North Carolina and my husband's Virginian roots and years we both spent at UVA and Wake Forest.  We both immediately loved Landman's house.  It's just spectacular!  There aren't any other words to describe what he and his wife have done with this land.  A great article on this "Gentleman's Garden" was published by Greenwich Magazine in May 2007.  Read it here.  Here are some of the photos I snapped on the tour:
A charming cat maze is off the back patio.  On cue, sits the cat!
I was told that this little building was built as a gift to Landman's wife, complete with an engraving in marble on the floor that includes the constellation of stars in the sky on the night he proposed.  A birdie also told me that they were married on the property in 2003 -- not a bad spot for a wedding!
I walked down a serpentine hornbeam hedge with a statue of Atlas at the end, complete with linden and magnolia trees.
The Chinese Pavilion was constructed on the site and was inspired by a trip taken to China. It is surrounded by koi fish.  No detail has been overlooked!
A beautiful reflecting pool, with green pillar columnar oak trees and cloud-pruned juniper.
Pebble terrace with fountain off the reflecting pool.
Another cat maze and arbor, with an elegant curved bench custom made for quiet meditation.
The barn is a recently constructed entertainment space in the style of a medieval Norman barn, designed by Hilton-VanderHorn architects.
Greenhouse and vegetable garden, down steps from the barn.  Every inch is amazing!
I hope you have enjoyed my photo tour of the Landman residence from the 2013 Grandiflora garden tour, put on by the Garden Education Center of Greenwich on June 6, 2013!  Please post your comments!  Photos are copyrighted.