This week, the peonies are in bloom in our area and my house in Greenwich has the most stunning peony garden! These fragrant, oversized blooms make morning walks at home this week spectacular!   They go quickly, so I try to enjoy the week or two that they are here! Here are a few photos I snapped with my camera phone Sunday morning.

These are my dogs!  Lilly on the left and Sophie on the right.  They are both Cavalier King Charles.  The young one on the left wants to eat the peonies, they smell so good!  I can't resist cutting them and bringing them inside to enjoy.  Here are a few I just put on my kitchen counter.

That's a pic my 7 year old daughter snapped with my iPhone.  She's getting pretty good at photos!
I posted a few of these photos on Facebook Sunday night and we got quite a response.  Many people have asked about our house and it's a 101 year old Italian Renassaince home that was recently plaqued as a Greenwich Landmark.  I'll write more about that soon, but here is the article if you are interested.  Our house has been officially named the Mary C. Morrison House, built in 1912.  Here's a pic of my husband and I receiving our historical plaque.  It will make a good upcoming blog entry:

Photo: Helen Neafsey/Greenwich Time

Peonies are beautiful for weddings!  So, if you love this flower for a bouquet, plan for an early June wedding!

What could be more delightful than a peony cake?

Delicious!  Enjoy our peony inspiration!

~Melissa Hawks