Though I carry fabulous patio furniture on my retail site, The Well Appointed House, and have a number of pieces from our collections on my property (including Kingsely Bate and Summer Classics), I was drawn in by the beautiful photos of Restoration Hardware's Catalina Collection and decided to purchase items for home.  I ended up ordering six chaises, six side tables, the sofa, coffee table and dining table with six dining chairs for my own pool area in Greenwich, CT.  Here are some of the photos that enticed me -- from the Restoration Hardware website.  Not bad, eh?
However, don't be fooled by the photos!  Buyer Beware.  As someone very familiar with patio furniture lines, I ordered through the Restoration Hardware trade program, assuming the quality would be good.  It is unfortunately not.  Here are the reasons why you should not purchase cushion (specifically) from Restoration Hardware:
1) RUSTY BUTTONS: The buttons on the "tufted" cushions are metal on the inside and therefore rust.  DUH!  It would be common sense not to put these on outdoor cushions.  In addition, because the cushions don't ever drain water, they puff out and the buttons pop off (we will get to the lack of drainage below).  Rusty buttons truly ruin the look of what could be a nice set:
2)  The cushions don't drain water! Ouch!  So, it rains and three days later you have guests come to swim and relax by the pool, and they get soaked.  Why?  It's because the "outdoor" cushions marketed by Restoration Hardware as the "preferred choice of leading design professionals worldwide because of their quality and longevity" and cushions that "withstand the elements" and "resist mildew" are actually  clumps of Polyester batting (81%) and Polyurethane Foam (19%)!!  Not at all what you would expect for outdoor cushions.  We always store cushions inside during Fall and Winter.  Cushions in Greenwich only see the light of day from mid May until early September and it's pathetic (to be frank) that these hold up so poorly.  Have you ever seen outdoor cushions that look like this on the inside?  Here's a great video that another family made about the lack of drainage on Restoration Hardware outdoor cushions:
[caption id="attachment_61" align="alignnone" width="720"]On the right: That looks like mildew to me!  Though these are "mildew resistant" On the right: That looks like mildew to me! Though these are "mildew resistant"[/caption]
3) They could catch on fire - so if you plan to use them near a family grill or tiki torches by your pool, be extra careful.
4) They have a warranty but it's hard to collect on it.  They post a three year warranty on their cushions  However, they are nearly impossible to reach.  We emailed them photos a year ago and again a week ago and so far, no reparation.   We get confirmation emails that our notes are being received, but no followup.  We recently heard from someone from their photo desk, but nothing has come of it. Stay tuned.
*UPDATE*: In very late summer 2013, Restoration Corporate finally responded and issued a full refund for all furniture purchased.