I planted two small Wisteria trees in my pool area last summer and it's such a treat to see them in bloom right now.  Here is the one on the left:

Wisteria is a flowering plant that includes species of climbing vines.  As beautiful as they are, it's hard to believe that in many parts of the United States, Wisteria is considered an invasive species because of its ability to overtake and squeeze out other native plant species. Invasive or not, Wisteria sure is beautiful!

Take inspiration from Wisteria and bring it into your home. We've selected some of our favorite items:

This Lavender and Cream Wastebasket is soft and elegant.  It has the perfect sweetness for any feminine powder room.

Lavender Decoupage Letterbox for storage of mail and papers in the kitchen or office. Our letterboxes are a great way to organize the paper mess that so often takes over the kitchen counter!

Left to right: Lavender Blue Hydrangea in a Glass Cylinder, Lavender Blue Hydrangeas in a Blue Porcelain Vase and a coordinating smaller arrangement. Silk florals are great because they add color to the room and never need water!

We love our Barcelona Embroidered Pillow and the Valencia Pillow -- both in lilac! Take inspiration from the garden and bring a little lavender into your living space!   Put these on a cream couch paired with grey walls for an elegant look!  Enjoy!