Today the United Sole Sisters Annual Spring Luncheon was held at Greenwich Country Club to raise funds for United Way supported local health and human services programs.  Education was the focus of this year's luncheon and Kayce Freed Jennings was the featured speaker.   I was asked by Co-Chair Kim Miller to design the centerpieces for the luncheon. The challenge was to incorporate shoes donated by Stuart Weitzman into the centerpieces.  The shoes get donated to charities following the luncheon.  As lovely as the shoes are, having a shoe central to a table arrangement isn't easy!   After many iterations of vases with shoes perhed atop, shoes elevated with tall glass cubes sprouting out of English florals and other ideas, I came up with a birdcage concept. The timing of the luncheon made it perfect for a bird theme, so I ordered birdcages from a vendor whose products I sell on my retail site, The Well Appointed House.  I sourced small life-like birds to perch atop the cages and we worked with Winston Flowers to execute the grass and Spring flowers inside the cage.  The Stuart Weitzman shoes were placed inside the birdcages as if a fashionable "Sole Sister" had just taken a step onto the grass wearing her stilettos!  The concept was fun and energizing for attendees.

That's me with Co-Chair Kim Miller.

Kayce Jennings, widow of ABC News anchor Peter Jennings, is the co-founder of the Documentary Group, the driving force behind 10" x 10" and Girl Rising, a social action campaign and feature film, focused on educating girls in developing countries.  Her robust career in television news and documentaries included 20 years at ABC News where she produced for Nightline, World News Tonight, Day One and 20/20.  She gave a great speech and we enjoyed a preview of her feature film.
The 350 ladies at the luncheon today celebrated a big milestone -- the United Way Sole Sisters this year surpassed $1 million raised since its founding.  The proceeds from this luncheon will go towards scholarships for early childhood education, adult literacy and ESL classes, vocational training and support for people with developmental disabilities and mental health issues.  It will also cover homework assistance and tutoring programs for kids in the area.   The luncheon was a success and the centerpieces added some whimsy to the afternoon!