"The Cabana" Mini Framed Print by Gray Malin


Minus Plus

Offering a selection of best sellers and sold-out prints, each one arrives framed and ready to hang. These special-size miniatures are the perfect accent to any decorative space. With prints selected by Gray himself, the Gray Malin Miniatures are unsigned, non-edition framed prints. Available for a very limited time, the Gray Malin Miniatures are the perfect accent to any decorative space. It’s always a good time at The Cabana from the Gray Malin at the Coral Casino Beach and Cabana Club series. 

Product Overview:

  • The premium hardwood frame molding in matte white is compactly sized at 10” x 13.5” with heat-activated foam board backing and UV-blocking acrylic glass, which protects against 91% of UV Rays. 
  • Please note this print is made to order and may not be returned
Shipping Information
Usually ships in 8-10 business days
Shipping Method: Ground Shipping