2 Gallon Eucalyptus Leaf Green Watering Can


Minus Plus

The beautiful diamond watering can will be the crown jewel of any garden. Either as a stand-alone centerpiece, or as the one object that ties the garden. This exquisitely diamond shaped plastic watering can holds up to 2 gallons of water and is extremely durable. No more rusting or heavy cans. Measures: 15.7"H x 20.5"W. 

Make every day Valentine’s Day with this optional Sprinkler Head. Cast in solid brass and with holes shaped like hearts, you’ll be giving your plants a good dose of love with every sprinkling. What’s not to love? Please note, this sprinkler head is heavier than the can itself if it’s empty, so there are two options too make the can stand stable, either keep your can filled with water and mission-ready or store your sprinkler head snugly in the mouth of the watering can. It’s the perfect fit! Now everything will be coming up roses. Click images for greater detail.


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