Ino Schaller Paper Mache Pumpkin With Toothy Smile Candy Container Halloween Decoration


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Ino Schaller inherited his father Carl’s business, but by the late 1940s, he moved into pressed cardboard figures, and by the plastic 1960s was producing pressed forms as well. The process of making Ino Schaller paper mache and composition figures takes seven days. On the first day, the craftsperson combines liquefied paper, clay, glue, and a few secret mineral ingredients. On the second day, the worker blends the mixture to a smooth consistency and pours it into a two-part plaster mold. In a short while, the plaster draws out some of the water content, leaving a thin paper mache shell. The crafter pours out the excess liquid, and the shell dries through the third day. On day four, the artisan dips the paper mache form in liquid plaster, creating a thin, smooth white skin for the hand painted details and trim. The plaster skin makes this a “composition” figure. On the sixth, seventh and eighth days, the artist applies layers of paint, fine details, and glaze, with drying time between each coat. Finally, the artists apply the finishing touches such as chenille, cellulose shavings, ground glass and mica. Ino Schaller Originals are Handmade from antique molds by the same workshop that made the originals 100 years ago. A true collectible, each limited-edition piece is signed by the artist. Today that is the Great Grandson of Ino Schaller, Thomas Schaller. Like the originals, these pieces are also traditional German candy containers; the base pulls off to reveal a hollow space where candy can be tucked away. Features a jack o'lantern with toothy grin. Measures: 7"H x 7"W x 7"D. Click on image for greater detail.

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