White Snake Garden Hose


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Smooth and sharp, making its gracious way through your lawn. This all white piece can either be a subtle, minimalistic contribution to your home, or an edgy contrast to your interior. The White Snake has endless possibilities for its stylish owner. All white never looked so good. The hose is 65 feet, it’s free from lead, cadmium and phthalates. It does not kink, the surface is UV-protected and it will look stunning and make your watering more of a pleasure for many years to come. 

Please note the hose is finished in raw ends. We strongly recommend purchasing the Nozzle Kit which includes all connectors you need to irrigate efficiently. If you have any additional questions please contact customer service at 1-888-WELL-APP or customerservice@wellappointedhouse.com to inquire.

Optional Accessories to Order With the Hose:

Nozzle Set: Made of plastic and compatible with all 1/2” water hoses. Use the adjustable nozzles to select jet, soft shower or mist. All connectors you need to irrigate efficiently and elegantly are included.

Trigger Spray Gun: Shower your garden with love with this optional trigger nozzle spray gun. Just attach to the hose and turn watering your garden into a stylish showdown. With an adjustable spray from a soft mist to a hard jet, now you can soak plants while protecting delicate blooms. The handle lock ensures you won’t need to keep your finger on the trigger, and its water stop function allows you to swap out attachments without getting drenched.

Hose Rack: is made of aluminum. It is powder coated and serve as the icing on the cake when mounted on the facade of the house. A decorative garden hose holder that withstand sun exposure and tough weather conditions. Measures: 13"W x 9.5"H x 4.7"D.

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